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Hi all,

I have started today with a N-240 Pengcheng kit with an Arduino UNO. There is no description of the sensors but with the inscriptions I've identified all sensors but one. It is a black long dome shaped sensor. Does anyone have an idea what this sensor does? (see photo)

thnx in advance



It looks a bit like a LED?
maybe a light sensitive sensor?
does the resistance change when light is on it?
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There you got me lost. I am beginning with putting wires in the breadbord. Wouldnt know how to read this out


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My guess is an IR receiver or transmitter led.
If it is a IR receiver, it can be used as a flame detector.

Is this the kit with breadboard and the breadboard shield and with the blue USB cable and the remote control ?



Some info:


http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=13727161512     (sorry, Google Translate didn't translate it)


But that is only the storage box, with nothing inside ... ?

I think you have to use it without an english description. There is almost no information about it.
If you want a cheap sensor, you can find it on Ebay.

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