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Coding Badly

Sorry if it came across the wrong way but I really do need help.

Excellent.  In that case please answer the question in Reply #1.


I misunderstood your question the first time, hopefully this answers you properly. This is the complete sketch with the interrupt handler included.

Code: [Select]

#include <dataflash.h>

int page = 0;
int buffer = 1;
char messageline[60] = "#This is a test string for the flash memory";
char readFlash[60];
Dataflash dflash;
int i = 0;
volatile int seconds = 0; //used to keep time


void setup(){
  //Setup TIMER2
  TCCR2A = 0x00;
  TCCR2B = (1<<CS22)|(1<<CS21)|(1<<CS20); //Set CLK/1024 or overflow interrupt every 8s
  ASSR = (1<<AS2); //Enable asynchronous operation, 32kHz xtal needed
  TIMSK2 = (1<<TOIE2); //Enable the timer 2 interrupt. If this is disabled the sketch works properly

  sei(); //Enable global interrupts
  pinMode(A3, OUTPUT); //Flash VCC
  digitalWrite(A3, HIGH); //powers the flash memory up
  Serial.println("starting the sketch now");
  dflash.init(); //initialize the memory (pins are defined in dataflash.cpp

void loop(){
  delay(1000); //keep it from running so quickly in testing

void writeData(){
  Serial.print("I am writing page ");
  i = 0;
  while (i < 60){
    dflash.Buffer_Write_Byte(1, i, messageline[i]);  //write to buffer 1, 1 byte at a time
  dflash.Buffer_To_Page(1, page); //write the buffer to the memory on page: page

void readData(){
  Serial.print("reading page ");
  dflash.Page_To_Buffer(page, buffer);//copy page to the buffer
  i = 0;
  while(i < 60){
    readFlash[i] = dflash.Buffer_Read_Byte(buffer, i); //read the buffer
  Serial.println(' ');
  Serial.println(readFlash); //print what was read from the buffer

Coding Badly

Coding Badly

Are you getting a compiler error with the dataflash library?  Something about[font=Courier New] WConstants.h [/font]not found.

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