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HI All, I presume I can use a USB 2.0 shield ( http://www.circuitsathome.com/products-page/arduino-shields/usb-host-shield-2-0-for-arduino ). To connect to a standard Telstra 3G (Next G) modem.

But I cant find anyone that has done this (plenty of Raspberry Pi examples).  I want to both confirm its possible, and check what specific hardware was used.

Does anyone know of anyone linking any 3G Telstra modem to a Arduino Uno any way at all?

I am looking to use it to send SMS from Arduino.

(and to confirm for anyone not local, Telstra are a Aussie Telco)



If you can't find an existing solution then you'd need to write a USB driver for that device - which would require you to understand USB drivers in general and the protocol used for that device in detail. None of these things are easy.


Thanks Peter, not what I was hoping for.

Does anyone know of a Mobile that can be interfaced with, that works on Telstra Australia, and has a external Aerial port.  To send SMS.


Are there any other ways to connect to the modem you have? Most offer either WiFi or ethernet in addition to USB. You could then use a WiFi or ethernet shield to talk to it.

I'm not sure how the cell network in Australia is, but you could also get a SIM chip for a GSM phone, and plug it into a GSM Shield (assuming you have a GSM network).

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