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I can't read that page but it seems to say 3.2V to 4.8V so is that range of voltage for the GPRS? Then you can't connect the RX TX directly but need level shifter.

Can you explain it? Why there's a need for a level shifter?

Because I can't read that language, only a few numbers. If that range is the power supply range, I am inclined to power the module with 3.3V and then the logic will probably be 3.3V so arduino 5V logic will need conversion.


you can find the shield schematic here http://www.open-electronics.org/gsm-gps-shield-for-arduino/
So you can chose whato use anc what remove from your application.
The shield is not very expensive...

GSM/GPRS & GPS shield for Arduino
Price: 16.20€
5 or more 15.39€
10 or more 14.58€
50 or more 12.96€
100 or more 12.15€

The module with SIM908 (cod. FT971)
Price: 53.72€
5 or more 51.03€
10 or more 48.35€
50 or more 42.98€
100 or more 40.29€

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