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Author Topic: Sorting an array  (Read 526 times)
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I've just come up with an own bubble sort function which sorts different numbers in a passed array in descending order and the function looks like this:
long bubbleSort(long sortedData[arraySize]) {

  long unsortedData[arraySize];
     for (int i = 0; i < arraySize-1; i++) {
    for (int c = 0; c + i <= arraySize-1; c++)
   if(sortedData[i+c] < sortedData[i])
     unsortedData[i] = sortedData[i+c];
    unsortedData[i+c] = sortedData[i];
   sortedData[i] = unsortedData[i];
  sortedData[i+c] = unsortedData[i+c];


return (sortedData[(arraySize/2)-1]+sortedData[arraySize/2])/2;

The code nicely sort the data and then in this case returns the average values of the two middle values but that doesn't really matter here.
WHAT I need help with is to identify what original place the biggest number had in the beginning.
Let me give you an example,
If i send this array,
 long OriginalArray[arraySize];
OriginalArray[0] = 111;
OriginalArray[1] = 51;
OriginalArray[2] = 400;
OriginalArray[3] = 3;

I want the function to first sort the numbers like this(which it already does):

And then tell me that the biggest number had slot number 2 in the original array.
Is there a way to easily implement this into my bubblesort function.
Thank you very much!

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Just do a scan before the bubble sort in the same function. A single for loop that keeps track of the highest number and it's index would suffice.

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something like this

int findPositionLargest(long data[], int arraySize)
  int pos = 0;
  long largest = data[0];
  for (int i=0; i<arraySize; i++)
    if (largest < data[i])
      largest = data[i];
      pos = i;
  return pos;

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