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analogWrite () sets the pin as an OUTPUT, so that's not an issue (although its poor coding style).

We don't know which motors you are using, nor the current ratings of that battery - can you provide links to the
data for the motors and more information (such as manufacturer's datasheet) for the battery?

[ edit: a lattern battery is not a motor battery...  Motors may require a lot of current (but how much
do yours need?)  also which motor shield? ]
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I was using a 12v adaptor cable before I tried the latern battery (6v) with a little better results.  There are two FA-130 motors.  http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/77

It is the Arduino Motor Shield.  http://store.arduino.cc/ww/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=11&products_id=204

Rayovac latern battery.  sorry the site does say how much continuous amperage.  However this is a much heavier alcaline battery so I imagine it can handle these small motors.


I don't know why the car is so weak?  Could I be supplying too much voltage to these motors being that they run on 3v and I'm supplying the barrel jack on Arduino Uno R3 with 12v? :smiley-sweat:


how do I supply 3v to these motors if the Arduino Motor shield works on 5v-12v.  Do I need to upgrade the motors?


are you using rechargeable batteries? If you are not that its a 90% chance thats why. i have run motors on rechargeable batteries and non rechargeable batteries and found out that they had more torque on rechargeable batteries.


I believe that, but let's forget I'm even running on batteries right now.  I'm using a 12v wallwart into the arduino uno r3, then it goes to the arduino motor r3, which also runs on 5-12v.  So we are cool so far, but then the FA-130 motors run at 1.5amps to 3amps, then will stall out (according to pololu).  I'm thinking I'm overpowering those motors.  What's your opinion? :*

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