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So, I have a 4x4 button Matrix, with a FALLING interrupt set on each of the column pins.  When the ISR fires, it:
  •     disables the interrupts
  •     performs a full key-scan of the matrix
  •     puts any necessary objects on a queue for subsequent processing elsewhere in the code
  •     re-enables the interrupts.

My problem is, I need the program to carry on processing for the duration of the button press, however, it isn't.  Having investigated, I believe this to be because the key-scan of the matrix is activating the FALLING trigger again, setting the interrupt pending flag, which then gets immediately picked up when the interrupts are re-enabled at the end of the ISR, consequently the ISR is called repeatedly locking up the processor until the button is released.

So, how do I clear the interrupt pending flags on the Due.  I have seen various examples for the other chip based Arduino cards, but this seems illusive.  Can anyone help?!

Many thanks, Chris.

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