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Hello everybody,

My name is Arthur, I'm 17 and I'm a French student.

I've been working for a few months on a project using an Arduino card with two friends.
It's called the piano glove; it's a modest project but we won a local contest with it and now we're going to the national final on May 20th.

We'd like to advertise a little bit for our product, so if you like it don't hesitate to share this short video, I would really appreciate :)

Also if you're interested, you can find some details about its functioning right here (it's in French but I think that you can easily get the gist), and of course give us some feedback and advices!

Thank you for your reading, and have a nice day!  ;) 


looks good!

Make sure that you have a ideas how to expand this glove (e.g. RGB leds) for the final!

What I was thinking of is that you could track the hands of someone playing a flute and output that as midi to a synthesizer.
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Good job guys, very impressed.

- Use a smaller Arduino (like a nano) to reduce the cost and size on the back of the glove.
- Use a MIDI output from the glove to send notes to a synthesiser rather than speaker in the glove.
- Two gloves (one each hand).
- Replace the gloves with flex resistors so that you can get loudness as well as note, This would be good with MIDI interface.

Anyway, looks like a fun project and you no doubt deserved the win.
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Thank you both for your feedback, really appreciate!

All of your ideas are great, we're already working on some of them (the leds and the second glove)

Don't hesitate to share the video of our projet if you enjoyed it, a little boost for the final would be awesome!

Thank you again :)


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Hello everybody,

Just a little update: we finished second of the national contest which had more than 1000 projects!

We also improved our product a lot as you can see on this video.

Thank you again for your feedback!  :)


Congrats! Look forward to seeing the video. (network too slow where I am now).

What was the 1st place winner?
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Congrats! Look forward to seeing the video. (network too slow where I am now).

What was the 1st place winner?
Thank you!

The first project was a kind of robotic arm prosthesis controlled by the voice, a very impressive product.

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