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Hey lovely people of the arduino community.. please don't make fun of this idea as it is quite grand.

ok first and foremost I have an arduino mega 2560 with sainsmart 3.2" tft touchscreen +SD card. I was going to plug an NRF24L01 into this as well this will be my reciever unit.

the second and 100th steps are as follows. I want to make a voltage and current meter for a solar setup(12volt 100AH roughly)
I want a weather station using humidity/temp sensor and trying to figure out wind speed (thats something else)
I want to make a remote for the TV so I can turn it down from upstairs.

now comes the fun part..... could the original reciever unit be able to do this all? I was thinking of having a few buttons across the bottom to change the "feed" to each part then have the NRF change the item it is transmitting too so in actual fact it neverhas more feeds than 1.


Sounds doable although I've not seen combo of solar panel stuff, weather station stuff, and TV-be-down stuff. For the TV remote, you may need to point your device at the TV with line of sight, if it is IR remote.
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter


yeah the IR is simple enough.
its the reciever unit that is making it fun to try. I think I might be reaching the extent of arduino if i do this

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