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I create Detect call Bluetooth , an android application for receive incoming call from another cellphone and send via bluetooth to arduino or other device with bluetooth serial connection service.With this application android converted to modem for control devices with incoming call or you can use for show the incoming call to LCD screen for example handsfree incoming call viewer for car,motorcycle,bike,home project or you can connect heart with red leds for look incoming call from your girlfriend.You need connect a bluetooth shield with arduino and pair with your android.If you load the sketch from my site www.power7.net and setup admin number , android send "1" and the led of your arduno must turn on.You can download it from Google Play Android Market https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=detect.call.bluetooth


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Do not spam.I just want to present my hard work for my android apps for arduino projects!
?kay.I will be more careful next time about links.

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