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I would like some advice on this component:

I want to use it to switch a 12V load, (ignition coil).

I have the Gate and Emitter hooked up to my arduino, so 5V on the gate, however, I cannot seem to switch the main load connected over Collector, Emitter. Am I just not supplying enough voltage to the gate? (datasheet says 6V max).



Problem solved, it needs about 15V to turn on fully.


15 to 20 Volts and a negative turn off bias to insure fast turn off.. Google for an IGfet gate driver...

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I am new to Arduino and in the middle of my first project (replacing the controller on an ultravalve electronic shower valve) but have been wondering about converting the ignition on my 59' to an electronic module based on the Arduino.

Would you have the details about how you made the switch.  My goal is to try to go 100% electronic and remove the vacuum advance from the distributor and add a ping sensor. 

Any information is appreciated!!



See this thread - the device mentioned in reply#3 only needs logic level drive and is designed for ignition coils: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,141276.0.html
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