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Author Topic: Creating Simultaneous Loops  (Read 255 times)
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I am having some trouble trying to figure out how to increment a timer to be referenced in if and while statements in a second loop. I want to be able to get rid of the timer incrementation in the while statements so I can just have one timer to reference by. I would like to have the timer count down from a set value then keep counting down in 1 second increments until 0 while the buzzers go off. If I could have something like a completely separate loop for the timer increment counter and a completely separate one for the buzzers and whatever else I want to add later such as a timer display or something.

#include <Tone.h>

Tone tone1;
Tone tone2;

long countervalue = 1;
int RLED = 1;
int YLED = 2;
int GLED = 3;
int button = 0;
void setup(){
  pinMode(YLED, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(GLED, OUTPUT);

void loop()

  while(countervalue < 4){
    digitalWrite(GLED,HIGH); , 150);
    countervalue = (countervalue+1)%1000000;

  while(countervalue <= 8){
    digitalWrite(YLED,HIGH); , 1000); , 1000);
    countervalue = (countervalue+1)%1000000;

  if(countervalue == 9){
    digitalWrite(RLED,HIGH);, 1000);
    delay(1000);, 1000);
    countervalue = (countervalue+1)%1000000;



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Read up on 'blink without delay' to see how you can time something without blocking execution of other code, which is what delay() does.

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