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I have a project with which I want to use a graphical display (based on the KS0108 and the GLCD library) to be able to display multiple information. The problem is that I need multiple analog inputs (at least 2) and the KS0108 requires 5 analog inputs to function and the Arduino Uno only has 6.

Time is not critical so I could use only one analog input but sample analog values from that input in a round-robin fashion, maybe using a multiplexer and some digital outputs.

Does anybody has an example of doing such a thing? Although I am an electrical engineer, I haven't done electronics since almost 20 years and I need some help.

Thank you.



I think that the easiest solution might be to use an Arduino Mega in place of the UNO.  That will give you a lot more pins to work with, including 16 analog inputs.
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johnwasser I forgot to mention that the Arduino Mega was not an option. Thanks for the reply though.


Or go with an external DAC, like microchip MCP3208, 8 channel 12-bit DAC with easy to use SPI interface.
Lot cheaper than buying a whole Mega just for analog ports.
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Two suggestions:

1. The KS0108 GLCD library needs 13 pins, but the documentation says you can change the pin assignments in the configuration file. So change the configuration file to use more digital I/O pins and fewer analog input pins. If you are not reading data from the serial port then you can use pin 0 as either R_W or D_I.


2. Use a GLCD based on the ST7920 chip instead, then you can interface to it using just 2 wires instead of 13. This simplifies the wiring as well as saving pins.
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Thanks, I will certainly look into those options.


A multiplex board like below might be of use.

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Yes, that would solve my problem. Thanks.


A plain old CD4066 would give 2 channels with one control connection. Use one of the gates as an inverter and you have a 1 wire 2 input analog switch, I would however use voltage followers to drive the transmission  gates as they do have a small dc resistance. This is a "Best Practices" kind of engineering thing, Or If you do that you will have less trouble later and it provides a layer of protection for the processor.

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Another approach (which will slow down the interface) is to use a shift-register like the 595 to
drive the data bus of the controller - that only needs 3 pins instead of 8, so the total pin count
is reduced by 5, freeing up analog inputs.   Of course the driver software/library for the controller
would need adapting.
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