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Hello, thanks for this great forum !!!

i'm running a 128x64 Graphic LCD with a Arduino MEGA 2560, and i try to make lines of text display on the screen,

Everything works fine with the demo Program, but with my program everything is displayed 2 times

this is a part of my program.


Code: [Select]

#include <glcd.h>
#include "fonts/Arial14.h"         // proportional font
#include "fonts/SystemFont5x7.h"   // system font

void setup()
  GLCD.Init();   // initialise the library, non inverted writes pixels onto a clear screen

void loop(){
  GLCD.CursorTo (0 , 1);
  GLCD.Puts ("HEAT V1.06");
  delay (2000);


I dont have a solution for you, but I do have a reason

typically the ram in these things is split down the middle of the screen in two banks, seems that your code is sending the same data to both banks of ram, thus double vision


It looks like you may have both of your chip selects connected together.



Ok, thanks for reply,

i am agree with you that both chips receiving the same info, but i am sure that CS1 and CS2 are not connected together and it works with the demo program !

Please, do you have other idea ?


... and it works with the demo program

What demo program?

Why is the code to display your (unchanging) message in loop() instead of in setup()?



I have seen this issue before, it is more than likely a wiring error.
Run the diag sketch that comes with the library and then look at the trouble shooting
guide in the included documentation for some tips on how to resolve it.

My guess is that the chip selects are mis wired or the connections used on them are not making proper contact.
Floating or mis connected chip selects can create the type of output you are seeing.

The diags will show chip numbers on the display which can help isolate the problem.
Run it and if you are still having issues. Post the text diag output and also describe
what you see when the diag sketch  runs.

--- bill

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