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Stewie, l'm just learning about this stuff, so cannot comment on code, etc. However, did you try measuring the actual amount of RAM used by the program?


Several times I logged the memory usage, for about a week each time. By this stage I had removed or recoded parts of my program that had suspect memory leak problems (a lot of forum and google searching for that info).
Now that I am running essentially the same software on both boards (Ethermega and my 1284P variant), the Ethermega on the Telstra broadband internet (through the mobile phone network) is the one that looses data. The 1284 board does not have the same issue.
In a few weeks I'll swap the board locations just to confirm. If the problem goes with the location, not the board then at least I know where I stand and I can stop chasing a 'fault' that may not exist with my hardware.

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