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Hi frienduinos,

I am working on a project that is going to use a Wii balance board to act as a game controller. The WBB uses a Bluetooth chip to transmit its processed strain gauge data; does anyone know how I might hack it to make it non-bluetooth?   i.e., instead of feeding the sampled and digitized data into the BT chip for transmission, it travels down a cable to a PC serial port? Is it as simple as desoldering the BT chip and soldering wires on the Tx/Rx, +5v, gnd, etc pins (or whatever configuration it uses)?

Also, does anyone have a decent schematic for one of these Wii balance boards? (can't find one on web anywhere).



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sorry to bump this to the top but I am keen to draw from the tinkerers & experts out there with knowledge and/or experience with the Wii fit balance board. All comments very welcome!!!

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Did you succeed with your project? I need to do the same thing as you asked in this post. Could you help me with this?

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