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Hello guys, I would like to ask about which is the most convenient library or any other software component for making the a board to send OSC messages within the same computer. Basically I am up to connect couple of sensors to an Uno board and then to send their OSC data via the board into SuperCollider. I've searched a couple of ways, some of them are basically consisted by some libraries for OSC and Arduino or sending the data into Processing and then to SC as OSC messages.



If this is the most convenient way I cannot answer, however, you can sent OSC directly from an Arduino Board to a PC via ArdOSC.

You need to equip your Arduino with an Ethernet card as OSC uses the UDP protocol.
You can also do this per WiFi by connecting a little pocket router o the Ethernet Shield. ive done this in two set- ups. While you may be tempted to use a WiFi shield, don't do it!
I believe the only WiFi shield this may work with is the WiFly from Sparkfun.


Hey I want to do the same stuff! I want to control a virtual instrument of Ableton Live with 4 sensors with OSC protocol... So is it totally necessary to use another device in your arduino board? via USB? And you said Kostantinos about sending the data to Processing, how does it work??


Simply send the data to processing using serial,, once in processing have it sent out as OSC. There are plenty of examples on the processing sight.


YEp! Thanx! I've got my data now in Processing! Now I have to transform to OSC! Thanks again!

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