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A while ago I got a ENC28J60 network module and tried it with my Uno. Unfortunately I connected it wrong, and after a while when I realized it the Uno was really hot (I dont remember but the ENC28J60 probably was too).
The Uno board got fried and was never recognized by the pc again (I'll take care of trying to revive it later. Would that be even possible in this case ?)

My new Mega finally arrived today and I dont want to ruin it after connecting it to the ENC28J60.
The question is: Is is possible or likely that the ENC28J60 got damaged and will now fry/brick the Mega board too ?



If you wire it in the same wrong way, you might damage the Mega board.
If the ENC28J60 shortcuts a data line, it might damage the Mega board.

Powering it with 3.3V should be no problem, the voltage regulator reduces the current when there is a shortcut.
You can use 1k resistors (100 ohm to 4k7) in the SPI lines (data out, clock out, data in, chip select) for protection.

What ENC28J60 module do you have ?


Thanks Caltoa,
I have the "Mini ENC28J60 HR911105A" (this)

I'll try it, lets hope the best.


Power it with 3.3V, since it has no voltage regulator on the board.
The digital signals are 5V tolerant, you can connect them to the Arduino board (with or without protection resistors).

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