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Now I have to transform to OSC]Now I have to transform to OSC

Have a look at some of my processing OSC programs.


Simply send the data to processing using serial,, once in processing have it sent out as OSC. There are plenty of examples on the processing sight.

I need to do same thing, how ?
i receive serial data from Arduino  and i want to send OSC message to another software in the same computer.


Jut look at that link.


Thanks for your interest in OSC.
My group has just released the most feature-rich library of OSC for the Arduino and variants.
It addresses UDP and serial encodings.

You will find Processing and Max/MSP and PD examples as part of the library demos.


I have tried that and while I can get the arduino to send stuff to PD, I can't get PD to send anything back. The arduino is recieving a message as I can see the RX light blink but I can't get the serial read example to light the led.
Anything I need to change on the PD send side, I am sure it is not sending the "right message" for the simple read example.

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