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Archiduino is a modular, open-source (and open-hardware) platform 100% software compatible with Arduino Leonardo in a small DIN-rail module case. On our CPU module we have implemented some useful resources that, in the case of Arduino, would be available only by mounting one shield expansion. They are a real-time clock, an external EEPROM, an SD card (optional) and the predisposition for connection with our LCD board that also implements a 4 keys keyboard.
With the use of our modular base board, cheap and small snip-cards you can compose the system with only the hardware resources (digital I/O, analog I/O, digital buses...) you need reducing costs for all your applications.
Every I/O is protected from electrostatic discharge currents, overvoltages and so on.
Our board allows you to use your Arduino programming skills, and the vast amount of software available for it, not only for prototypes, but for professional applications where extreme reliability and compliance with CE directives for EMC, Electrical Safety and RoHS are required.

Please visit our site www.archiduino.com or www.seletronica.com for more information, manuals, circuit diagrams, open source libraries and online store.

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Have you looked at Industruino? It is somewhat the same thing. Maybe you guys could partner up.
I use UnoJoy and Hoodloader for HID. No Leonardo!
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