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Hello!  :)
I'm new to Arduino and would like to try something out, the major part of which is counting the number of people entering/ leaving a room.

I thought of using IR sensors and even bought a 38KHZ IR detector, but I learnt that I've to know the analog pins part in the Arduino to make use of the detector.

So now I'm looking at using me-made pressure pads. When the pads are stepped on and released, the count should increase by one, but how do I know when the person is entering and when he's leaving? Also, a code or a video or a similar project link would greatly help me out! I use Arduino Uno.

Thank you! XD


I have one post about this fsr 402 force sensor. check here. http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,145373.0.html

Check out this data sheet.

You might have two sensors that way if they step on the front one first you know they are coming. If the step on the back one first they are going.


Yes, that's exactly the plan! I'll check out the link, thanks!  :)

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