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ok, doing some math...

PWM frequency is 125Hz. Minimum duty cycle is 0%. The steps are in 12.5% for 8 steps = 100%

If I were to translate that to 0 to 255, I would have duty cycles of 32, 64, 98, etc... (256/8)

Assuming I keep the PWM frequency at 125Hz
32 would give me 1ms
64 would give me 2ms
and so forth...

Is my math correct?


hello retroplayer.

i am working on a similar project.
i have a linear actuator that uses a brushless dc motor, that has internal hall sensors to track count its steps.
i too get my position info by counting the hall sensor steps. i too have external limit switches to know when i reach the extreme positions.

i am wondering about your success to implement PID control to get better position control.
i am hoping to constantly give the arduino or teensy new position data over OSC or serial communication. and i am hoping for smooth motion from source to target positions, even if new position data is constantly send.

do you have any test code i could test on my setup?


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