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Good morning all,
I'm new to the Arduino family and am working on a fairly simple project for monitoring temp. I have the LCD display working properly to display the status of the temp. Now I would like to add a small web server function so I can check the status remotely.

I haven't started incorporating the ethernet into the sketch yet as I was researching the pins needed, coding, etc.  I notice that the ethernet uses the same pins as the LCD.  My question is, can both of these devices share the pins, or is it not possible to have both devices used in this project?

This is on an Arduino Uno R3 and these are the two devices that I am working with.
LCD: http://www.oddwires.com/16x2-character-lcd-display-module-for-arduino-free-10k-trimmer-blue/
Ethernet: http://www.oddwires.com/ethernet-lan-module-for-arduino-and-other-microcontrollers-with-spi-enc26j80/

Thank you in advance for any assistance! I'm quite excited about the Arduino and continue to think about additional projects that would be fun to dive into.


Please disregard, I have found information on changing the pin designations for the LCD.

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