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I have Arduino Uno board, I wanted to make a simple robot that would move around. I was wondering if I can plug in two or more motor directly to the board?
I have read somewhere that it is not safe but the article did not give an alternative as to a different way of creating this circuit.

If I cannot connect motors directly, then how should I go about doing this? Transistors? (not sure how they work)



Here's  how to do that with a transistor....

Or this gives direction control
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Thank you,
I am really a newbie, do I need a specific kind of transistor? I have one that is labelled 2N 5060 M643.

What do those numbers mean?


I'm no expert on transistors I'm afraid, so can't really advise.

But according to this, that's a rectifier not a transistor.
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To give advice on transistors we need to know more about your motors, voltage / current draw.

If the motors are not too big, a common transistor to drive it could be the TIP120, you would also need a diode and a resistor for each motor.

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