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I have a project where we need to use the internal rtc of the controller in Arduino Due. To have a battery backup I have cut a track of VDDBU and connected an external battery with it.
But when I power off the system and turn it on again, there is no data in RTC. What can be the issue?
It seems like there is some reset activity going on which resets even RTC.

Please post your expert advices.

This is urgent.

Thank you,


Either that, or the battery backup modification is not working. How can you be sure that it is?


Battery backup is simply a coin cell with 3V. It is directly connected to VDDBU pin. I have cut a track of VDDBU to 3V3. So it is surely working.
I found another discussion at

This seems to be a major design bug of arduino.

What should I do to connect the reset to NRST and not NRSTB?


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