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Hey guys. 

I'm working on a project to control my ceiling fans from a PC or Arduino.  It's a part of a larger home automation project. 

I would like to capture the RF signal generated by my Hunter Ceiling fan remote for Light Toggle, Fan Slow, Fan Med, Fan High..etc and then use a PC or Arduino to broadcast that signal and control my fan. 

I've read about projects like that working on 315mhz garage door/power gate remotes nicely using Arduino an 315Mhz or 433Mhz RF adapter . 

My hunter says it operates on 350mhz on it's box.  Any solutions here?  I could always use a relay board and just wire them directly to the remote to simulate button presses.  I'd like a cleaner solution. 


Playing with the coils a bit on one of these might detune it enough to get to 350Mhz. The limitation is that the transmitters on these modules are in a can so you really can't do much to the circuit itself. There are plenty of circuits on the internet however which you can tune anyway you want. I have even seen 555 timers being used. Is it AM or FM?


Most small remotes use a SAW resonater to determine the frequency they use, and they arnt adjustable.
If its on 350 Mhz , you will have to source a 350 Mhz receiver or make one.


According to the FCCID it's 350Mhz.  I assume it's FM. 

Well, it looks like I'm going to use relays to simulate button presses!  :).


OP, by any chance is the remote using a module? If so, just remove it from the remote.

I have several of these modules that I pulled out of remote outlets and remotes when they stopped working.

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