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OK.    I found a 350mhz Serial RF transmitter in a remote I had for the lights.  I De-soldered it from the button board and it's free to use.  It has three pins.  VCC, GND, SIGnal.  I've got an Arduino Uno, loaded the IDE, and can blink some LEDs.

Where do I go from here?

I imagine what I need to do is hook the button side of the remote to the Arduino and capture a couple codes so I know what to transmit with the transmitter.  THEN hook the transmitter up and try transmitting.

How do I do that?  Where do I go?  I need some direction. :)  Thanks!


Take the line on the remote that was original connected to the signal pin on the module. Connect that line into your arduino and use the RCSwitch library example to read the codes when you push a button. You can remove it when done.

After you have all the codes, you connect the signal pin on your module to the Arduino, power it, send those codes you figured out using the RCswitch library.

There are examples in there that you can use to get the codes and to play with sending them.


Ohh Thank you. 

I loaded the library and opened the receive simple example to play with.  When I uploaded the program the L LED remains solid.  I get no response from anything. 

If I revert back to the blinking LED program the L LED will blink indicating all is well along with my LED that I plugged in.

I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this. 

I know SPOOOON feed the new idiot :)


The LED doesn't always blink. Do you have the module wired up already? If so, the library is meant to output to the serial port. So, you have to open the Serial Monitor in Arduino.


Yeah I know I have to have serial monitor open.  I though a little program together that would write hello world 100 times then stop, and it worked.  So I know that serial monitor is working. 

At this point I think I'd like to somehow test that pin 2 can read anything with RCSwitch receive running.

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