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I'm sure this isn't the right forum. But, I couldn't figure which one would be ideal for this subject.
I'm curious what you guys use to store your Arduino stuff. I've got 6 different things including a touch LCD I picked up at Radio shack and I'd like to keep this stuff stored in something safe for traveling.
Note: The storage idea I'm looking for is for traveling and for several Arduino boards, wiring, etc.


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I found that a plastic soap container is just the right size for an Uno or shield. Then you could put a whole bunch of those in a bigger container like a Tupperware.

edit.... Caveat: not sure of static electricity implications.

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I like the Plano Molding model 3750 "StowAway Utility Box" for Arduino stuff:


I got mine in the Crafts section of Walmart.  I think Walmart sells them under the brand "Creative Options" but I can't find the exact match at the Walmart website.  If I recall correctly they were only about $6.
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I like to use some old fashioned wooden sigarboxes. The boxes I usually pick them up in secondhand stores or recycling shops.

That way i'm pretty sure there is no chance for static discharges to sensitive parts like micro-processors.
I also believe that wood will prevent, in some way, corrosion by moisture of the electronic parts.

You do not need a new P.C., you need a new O.S.  Linux is free, safe, easy, fast and reliable.


Old wooden tea-boxes will do as well ofcourse  :smiley-red:
You do not need a new P.C., you need a new O.S.  Linux is free, safe, easy, fast and reliable.


If you have a "Michaels" try there.
The way you have it in your schematic isn't the same as how you have it wired up!

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