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I am having difficulty importing the "test" library from the Arduino website (or any other custom library for that matter). I am using Arduino 1.0.3 and Mac OSX.

I have a folder created called Arduino where my sketches are saved in Subfolders (ex. LED_Tone folder contains the LED_Tone sketch). In this Arduino folder I also have a Subfolder called Libraries where I am saving my downloaded custom libraries.

My preferences has the sketchbook location set as:

I can open IDE and import the test library #include <test.h> appears at the top of the page and I can go to file and open the test example however the error I get when I try to verify is:

In file included from doing_something.pde:1:
/Users/Matt/Documents/Arduino/libraries/Test/Test.h:11:24: error: WConstants.h: No such file or directory

Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong. Thanks


Another Screen Shot



Wconstants.h is the pre-1.0 version of the arduino definition.  Edit test.h and change wconstantS.h to arduino.h

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