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I've just completed a complete rewrite of the famous Ken Shirriff infrared remote library and I have released it to github. I welcome any feedback anyone has.


Does you library have any advantages over the previous library?
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If you are only using a few of the protocols the code size is smaller because you don't need to load all of the protocols. Each protocol is its own object class. Also converted some datatypes to save memory for example some variables were long that could've been bool or char. The rewrite of the code also makes it easier to add new protocols. There is a generic decode that you can just pass values into. That eliminates a lot of redundant code. The code has been reorganized to separate out the protocol encoding and decoding from the hardware aspects of the library making more of a black box. Also added a couple of protocols. Also added a new method that dumps the raw data in a nicely formatted fashion.

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