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Hello all!

I have an interesting project to do. In my office, if I want to come in it, I always have to take a little magnetized thing, put it near reader which is near doors, the reader sends signal to controller, which actives relay and the relay actives lock which unlocks doors and I can step inside. And all that action, to take little magnetized thing and put it near reader is annoying.
So my project is to do self unlocking doors when I come close enough these doors. My plan is to always have a small transmitter or something like this, which would send signal to receiver which would be wired to Arduino and if signal does meet the right frequency of signal, receiver will confirm it and send command to activate relay which would open the doors.

My problem is, that I have never had any experience with some kind of receivers and transmitters. Could you offer me something suitable for my project?

Thank you in advance!


you could use radio frequency like ID20(it has about 5 cm ~ range),and the Arduino conected to the relay ;)


Thank you for your advice! Maybe you could tell me more about ID20, because I have never had such a project. Thanks!


Also, I don't want to take card and put it near reader. My idea, that when I near doors, it would recognize me and open automatically.


the ID20 have the biggest antena of his rfid class..the bad part is that the range is not so big.You can buy the ID-02 that have no antena and buil one yourself,getting longer range,but that depend of your electronic skill.Wireing is easy 2 digital pins,5v and Gnd(careful with soldering the pins,the aligniment of pins doesn't fit on the usualy breadboard).The identificacion rfid tag comes in button,card,glass capsule..the bigger it is,the larger is the range.It is a great project,but it's not fit for me...since is quite easy to hack it
..anyway check out:           http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-RFID-Door-Lock/


So if it is so easy for you, maybe you could offer another, the better one?


im not saying is easy,the bad part is all this rfid works on 125khz,i simply prefer other protocols of identificacion...like Viper does  :smiley-yell:..good luck binfazen

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