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I'm trying to load the Basic blink program to the ATtiny4313 and keep getting invalid device signature?

I have followed instruction to:

load the Arduino isp 

modify the avrdude.conf file

load the ATtiny core files so I can select the 4313 as a board.

I followed the pin out on this http://www.ernstc.dk/arduino/2313.htm added the 10uf to disable the reset.

And now i'm just trying to put the Basic blink program/sketch on to the 4313?

Any ideas what might be the problem.. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong

Coding Badly

Wiring is the most likely culprit.

A mistake...
modify the avrdude.conf file

...is the next most likely.

Post verbose output from avrdude.


It was the wiring. I guess I had it backwards.

I followed this :


now i need to figure out why my 5x7 led isnt displaying the images properly...


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