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I need a couple of PCBs to interface with Arduino. I don't have the time to learn Eagle and all that so I'll be willing to pay for them to be built for me. I have the schematics and components distribution. I need this done relatively fast
They are not too complicated.
Can anybody here create the Eagle files and the PCB layout and tell me where to send it for construction?
Or does anybody know of a place where they will do it?



I can do that
how are the schematics now?
how many do you want?
how quickly?
do you have a budget?

I know - nothing but questions!
there are only 10 types of people
them that understands binary
and them that doesn't


Same here, if you want to stay in the US.
Inexpensive China PCB sources are closed most of February, US sources are an option but are more expensive.
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I can do it too if you want to go to France and I have a China supplier that is NOT closed for the New year :)
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I will be willing to do this. I have just started doing it professionally and have a few months hobbyist experience. I am in India so it would be cheaper than the US (if you really want to take that into account).


Well thanks guys. This is to help a friend and he was going to pay for the boards. I think he is backing off now. Let's see if he says Ok I'll be contacting you. For now I don't think he will.

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