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by the sound of it what i need made isnt much someone out there must be able to help me out i really want to finish this project


I am in the US or else I would offer. I really don't understand what part of this that you feel you can't do on your own. Maybe you should just get started on it and ask for help as you need it.


ive got no problem with the set up of the laser itself its just the electrical and software side of it i never even heard of arduino before finding this project if you take a look at the link in previous posts the electrics show the arduino uno, 2 stepper drivers and another board in between those which is what id like made for me so i was either looking for this complete set up or a dumbed up version pretty much labelled up where to connect the arduino, steppers fans etc


Well, the code is already provided in the link you gave on instructables, so you don't need to write any code. And the schematic he provided is very simple. Are you not able to understand the schematic, is that the trouble?


I kind of understand the schematic but its the resistors or whatever else i need i wouldnt know where to start, all i actually know thats on the schematic is the arduino and the steppers i wouldnt know what all the other parts are


mmcp42 has already offered to help you - what was wrong with their offer?
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pm'd him as soon as i saw the reply from him but had nothing back from him at all



Is this a "guidance" question, or a "gigs and collaborations"?
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I know it should be in gigs and colabs i was a bit eager and posted in here straight away its a bit of both i would like part made for me and then guidance once its together

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