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I've got an Arduino Duemilanova clone connected to an Ethernet shield which serves a web page that lets me send X-10 commands from a CM17a Firecracker connected to the Arduino.

They are not stacked, but rather are connected by a ribbon cable.

The thing works great when powered from a 1 Amp 5 VDC power supply.

Issue I'm having, is that when device is powered by the computer USB port (for testing and development), there is insufficient power for effective X-10 commands to be sent. The sketch works fine and connects to the internet as desired.

Question is:

Would there be a problem if I were to power the Ethernet card separately from the Arduino.
That is: Common ground, Arduino 5 volts from USB, and Ethernet card 5 volts from it's own wall wart.

I can't see that there would be any danger to hardware, but I'm not an EE, so I thought I'd ask.

Sorry if question too elementary.

Bob W.


That is fine and dandy, and is common practice to boot.


That is fine and dandy, and is common practice to boot.

Very odd.
With separate power supplies, web page doesn't come up on browser.

Should I be powering up Ethernet Shield first, then applying power to Arduino ?
Resets are still connected.  Would think shield would reset when Arduino boots.


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