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Must be a very greedy non-company owned franchise outlet store? Mine has it for $29.99, same as their mail order price:

I dunno. But I know this resistor pak is a rip off because I've seen it at several stores -


Half the compartments in the box are empty and there must be no more than 50 resistors in it. I was shocked when I looked at it. For $25 it should be crammed to overflowing with resistors.


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Yes a lot of RS components and parts are very expensive compared to what you can get them for elsewhere, especially on-line these days. But many people lack either that knowledge or are too impatient to wait.
I look in RS once in a while when the wife is shopping nearby, but rarely buy stuff there. But I was surprised that they sell the Uno at normal retail price. Except apparently at your local outlet?

Check out this place if prices are important to you. I spend $20 the night CrossRoads posted this place and got over 118 items.



I know what he means about the "WTF" moment though, have been down that "garden path" myself.  On the other hand, somebody around here seems to awful "lucky", don't think I would want to be standing too close to modeller when there is lighting about ;)

I know that RS does sell the starter kit for ~ $69, maybe the boxes/packages got mixed up on the shelf/hanger.
While it is true they are somewhat over-priced, if it isn't too much, I don't mind, as I just as soon spend the bucks locally.

On another note:  any recommendations on some decent (hopefully open source) diagramming software?  I thought I saw a reference to the program used for the examples and such, but I can't seem to find it.  I'm a real "noobie", but i am thoroughly hooked.


I thought I saw a reference to the program used for the examples and such, but I can't seem to find it

You thinking of Fritzing? It does pix like the attached.
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Your answer may already be here: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=384198.0


Yes, thanks! recognized the name as soon as I saw it in "print" again.

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