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If this had been asked before please provide me with a link to the subject:

If I modify an Arduino library, does the compiler first look in the 'My Documents' Arduino folder (i.e where user's sketches are stored) for the library or is there some path that needs to be changed.
E.g. If I modify the Ethernet lib and place the modified lib in the 'My Documents' folder in the library sub-folder, can I get the compiler to use this, using the original library name ?

I tried this and its not doing what I wanted to I might have made a mistake or it simply can't be done.
Any advice would be appreciated


Have you tried calling it something different? It is probably safer in the long run as it will be clear when you come back to this project that you were not using the original library.
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just prefix the libname with "my" or "test"

Note you might need to restart the IDE to become aware of new libs.
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I tried this and its not doing what I wanted

Without knowing which library you are modifying, how you are changing it, what you wanted the change to accomplish, and what exactly happened, all we can offer is sympathy. Which probably isn't a lot of help. So, I won't.
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