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I'd love to hear how you did it - as someone who can build web apps fairly easily, the phone app process has always been a little daunting to me. If there's an easy transition available  you will have made my day/week :)

try this.... http://www.appsgeyser.com
i know this is not the best method to creating an app, but it works perfect!


as for the buttons, i used an iframe within the webpage which i directed all links to. That way, new tabs arent opened every time a button is pressed.


im doing the same project as yours, can you help me bro? im also a newbie in arduino, just bought it last 3weeks ago and im trying to do a home automation project using web and arduino.. :) :) :) :)


hi ' im doing the same project and i love your work can u help me?
im new to this , schematics ,code , everything will help



Very well done. Have you considered trying out teleduino for off-site remote control?

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