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Hi everyone --

I have a couple of questions -

I want to do this particular Arduino project -
which is based on this Practical Arduino project:

They are both the idea of  "receive data from your La Crosse weather station"

My primary question is this -
Which Arduino is being used for that project?
I don't see mention of whether it's the Ardunio UNO,
or which Rev version of the UNO would be needed, or whether it
was done with the Arduino MEGA ??

I think those articles are a couple of years old, and I'm sure the Arduino has changed - at least in revision.

My other question is -
Can a single Arduino do two things at once?
I'd like to build out the weather station, but then also use the same Arduino
with a couple of dry contact inputs to determine whether each one of a pair of relays
is open or closed
(Ademco alarm system with a 4204 relay board)

I don't know whether I can expect an Arduino to measure weather data,
and scan some contacts to determine if they've closed or not -

In each case, I'd be sending all data outboard to a Linux server for interpretation.

Can anyone shed some light on the proper Arduino
to use for the weather project, and whether it could do two things at the same time?

Thanks, Rabin

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