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Well I did say  
coming over the hill.

And when it arrives, you can be fairly sure that the code that uses it is soon to follow. It's a minor stretch of the intellect, sometimes known as forward planning. If you buy a Uno for the purposes stated and then come to regret it, remember where you heard it first.


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Get the Mega. It's not much more expensive.

I actually bought my Mega2560 on ebay for $17 shipped. Less than I paid for my Uno. It probably isn't "official" even though they even screen-printed it all official, but it has been working fine.

Yes, Retro. I paid about $70 for my store-bought EtherTen. My Mega with Ethernet+SD shield was about $27, I think. I don't regret getting the EtherTen, but it's the sort of thing you only do once. I think type-for-type a Mega is typically about $10 more than  a Uno, and that seems reasonable. The only advantage a Uno has is its size, and I imagine it will be squeezed from both ends and die a natural death - rather like the VIC-20.


I don't think so. UNO has it place and will keep its place. A carefully planned project such as on I carried out, did accomplish a lot with the SD card, RTC, and a few other things and extensive menu interface, all on an UNO. I'm not saying anyone else can easily pull this off.  ;)


The only advantage a Uno has is its size, and I imagine it will be squeezed from both ends and die a natural death

As liudr said, the Uno ( 328, 168 chips ) certainly have their place. Code will actually execute faster on an UNO, you pay a price for the convenience the 2560 provides.


The faster execution has not been evident in practice, and I doubt the OP will see it either. Convenience is hardly the word for it. The difference between being able to do the job and not being able to do the job is not a matter of convenience, it's a matter of having the right tool.

And, despite liudr's self-aggrandisement, I submit that the Uno is the wrong tool for the job or, even if it is OK now, it will be wrong soon enough. 

So, in the light of the OP having no more gold stars than I do, and the minor extra cost, he/she would be wiser not to bother with a Uno.

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