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I'm trying to compile a project on OSX 10.8 with IDE 1.5.1 just downloaded.


1) EEPROM.h library cannot be found by the IDE. All other libraries are available except EEPROM.h. I've extracted a copy from the package and it compiles.

2) As the compiler starts I've this error message
/var/folders/t5/x9_b_ncj7xlclkqshk_fq5dr0000gp/T//ccQ5ZNMR.s:86: Error: bad instruction `jmp 0'

If I use a different Board (not DUE) then the project compile without problems.

Any Idea ?


I reply to myself ...

I'm new to DUE and it took a while to realize that EEPROM is not available in the new ARM.

I fixed everything compiled and tested ... program works ...


So, if the Due has no EEPROM, how do save persistent data?
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Read this thread: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,144981.0.html

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