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Hey Andrew:

   Thanks for the followup. Last week I googled and found the very same article you linked to and was able to re-create his and your numbers by tweaking the register. Like you I got up to 300k samps/sec once I set the register value to zero. I also started reading the ADC configuration section of the SAM3X. I think my next step is to start tweaking and adding functionality in the source sitting in ...


It's obvious the ADC is not fleshed out yet for the DUE. Maybe I can contribute something useful.

As for my application I plan on running a CCD with it. So I think I'll trigger the ADC with start convert off one of serial shift signals from a Due output, and then configure ADC complete to generate an interrupt to DMA the data to a memory block and shift the next serial register.

But it made no sense to read out the CCD at 20khz. 300 is doable, 1 Mhz is better, but if I fall a bit short, I'll be okay.

I mainly wanted to log in and post the link you did as a solution.

P.S. would love to see your Southern skies. Us Northmen don't have as pretty a sky as yours I've heard.

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