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I am building my own home incubator. I already controlled the Temperature sensor, Humidity sensor, heater and  Fan. However I do not have Idea of how to control the servo to over the eggs every 10 minutes without affecting the reading data of the other two sensors (Humidity and Temperature). I am new working with Aurduino one. I know that I need to use some additional libraries such as Timer1 or other. However is quite difficult to implement without any similar example. Any help?



you need to explain better what you already did or post the code you have so far, otherwise probably nobody will help you... i guess
good luck  :)
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do you mean,   you want to turn over the eggs ?

Do they need to be turned over every ten minutes ?  Really ?   How do people normally do this ?


Look at the blink without delay example. If will show you how to do something peridocally. You can do all of your existing activities in loop as I assume you already have them and use the technique in the example to move the servo at whatever interval you need.


You can use millis() function to check your predefined cycle! Or use a timer interrupt!

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