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Got mine some days ago and I had the same problem, had to change the display type to "ITDB32" (note that there's no 'S'), it wouldnt work with the S.

I'm using the UTFT lib.

Now, I'm struggling with the SDCARD option, had to swap to pins on the shield for it to be reconized, now it initialize the card but cant read it...

To be continued...


I recently purchased a Womart's 2.4" TFTLCD & Touch Panel.  Mine is a one board shield thar plugs directly into my Funduino Uno R3.

The screen lights immediately on plug in. 

I have downloaded the libraries recommended by Womart.

When I try to compile and execute the graphicstest example I get an erroe on this line:

            "TFTLCD tft(LCD_CS, LCD_CD, LCD_WR, LCD_RD, LCD_RESET);"

            The error is:

                                 no matching function for call to "TFTLCD::TFTLCD(CONST UINT8_T&, CONST UINT8_T&, CONST UINT8_T&, CONST UINT8_T&, CONST UINT8_T)"

I get this under Arduino Software V. 1.0.4 & 1.0.5.

I have tried the  UTFT and UTouch libraries.

Under both ARM & AVR Menus I get Sketch too big for UTFT_Demo_320x240.

I get the same error for UTouch_ButtonTest.

In both cases I change the slash so it knows I am use Uno R3.  I also change to the model parameters to ITDB32 as indicated earlier in this forum.

Any Chance I can get some help with this?

Ray Collins


I got my TFTLCD from Womart working.   :)

I downloaded and ran Arduino 0023  with the TFTLCD library added to the libraries folder.  I loaded and successfully tested both examples provided in the download recommended by Womart.

I proved the screen and touchscreen works.  Now, I have to prove how good a programmer I am and port the examples to Arduino 1.0.4 or 1.0.5.  Then I get UTFT and UTouch libraries working.

More to com later! :)
Ray Collins


hi all, I just bought one of these tft lcds. but I cant find any part number or anything that tells me what kind it is. all I know is that its a 2.4" tf with touch and sd .
they sent me a zip that included 2 examples and a library. none of the examples work. it gives me an error on the line that defines a new tftlcd object.
can anyone help me? I read what everyone have said but none applies to me.
and by the way, when I connect it to my arduino it turns on and gives me a blank white screen.
thank guys.


As I posted earlier,  I downloaded Arduino 0023. 

I put TFTLCD library in the library folder, loaded and ran both examples.  They worked.

I am now experimenting with UTFT library.  Because of the reaction I am getting from the LCD screen when I try different numbers for the pins in the myGLCD command, I suspect a pin number problem.

Good Luck
Ray Collins

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