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Hi, I installed the IDE in French by mistake, and learnt a new word: "téléverser". A quick search for that word taught me that it is a canadian French word for "upload", yet it sounds stupid and should not exist (imnsho), for it is associated with an up -> down move ("verser" means "to pour"). Anyway, it comes with the "french French" translation, and I heavily suggest that this word is replaced by the word we actualy use in France for "upload" and that word is "upload". Everybody who does some coding knows what it means, and no matter what the (stupid and useless) institutions suggest, people do say "upload", whether they're talking Arduino or file sharing. The only 100% french way of saying this would be "envoyer" (to send). It is not specific to computer files indeed but in the context it does make sense.

Apologies if it's not the place to discuss translations :)


eheh just use the english version man!  :)
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