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I am working with my team, for the first time on Arduino.
My project is to display on an E-Paper Display (2.7 Inch E-Paper Display from Embedded Artists). I've been reading a lot of things on Arduino and E-Paper Displays, but I can't figure out a way to display something on my screen.
I know that there are things already ready for an LCD Display, but not much on E-Papers.
I've been working on that for several weeks, and I don't find much for now.

Do anyone have some advice to give me to display something?

Thanks  :)


I can only guess at the display your using and the controller it uses but have you signed the NDA to get the datasheet and sample PIC program? Not many people here will have done that and I'm not sure how tight the NDA would be to prevent them from supplying sample code.
Don't PM me for help as I will ignore it.


I have signed the NDA, so I've got both the code without NDA & the one released after NDA. I've also go the datasheet for the COG Driver.
It's a long long code and I can't find a way to translate it into an Arduino way.

Do you know how I could do that?



Try under "Gigs and collaborations", you might find someone to hire for that.


Thank you, I'll try to find something that can help me with that

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