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As i try to understand the real difference between analog wireless and Digital wireless i'm asking some questions :
As far as i know digital means more accuracy of data, but require larger bandwith to reproduce same as analog
thats why continuous stream as audio or video are hard to send digitally, but easier with a powerful and calibrated analog rf transmitter.

But for small analog stuff, let say i just need to send an analog "tilt" or simple analog accelerometer ( just motion activated ) wirelessly to engage a led to the receiver side, do i really need to consider it digitally ? Can i make an analog a link tilt sensor/tx to rx/led without mcu in the way?

I'm trying to do a veruy very very tiny project where form factor is key, and where data doen't have to be that accurate, is it possible doing it analog all the way?

second question :
to the other extreme, what is the best solution to send continous or large digital data wirelessly ? (lets says 24bits/48khz audio ?)

Third and final question :
How can i calculate easily me needs in terms of kbps if i go digital, or bandwith/power when doing analog.


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