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i am a novate in this topic of Arduino and Electronics, what happens is that i want to implement Arduino on a clap switch. Take a llok to the circuit (without Arduino, off course):  (the screenshot is attached to the post)

The idea is to implement Arduino on the circuit in order to create a count variable that counts the times that the led light flashes. Then a user must insert in a numerical keyborad the number of times that he/she sees the light flashes (I know it seems stupid, but its a game for kids hahaha) and then compare the value of the count variable and the number inserted by the user (in other words, the kid) and if they are equal, the user inserted a correct answer.

I mean, I have idea of how to program this from the software, however, i am passing a really tough time trying to figure out how to implement Arduino on the circuit ive just told you :p

I am currently studying Mechatronics Engineering and i need this for this week, any suggestions, its the first time that i use arduino.


Try "clap sensor" in the search box on top of this page.


Many microphone sensor boards have an output that can be set for a level of sound. Use this as an input.


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