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Author Topic: Fuel Level Sensor  (Read 167 times)
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Hey everyone, bit of a newby here but any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am trying to install a fuel level sensor in a tank depth of around ~100mm for an automotive/motorsports application. I have either decided to go for a more complicated capacitive solution or due to time restraints go for a simpler reed switch operation. The tank is filled with a foam type material to reduce sloshing during driving.

Basically due time/budget restrictions I think I will have to go with the Reed switch option. I have only been able to source 1 uk supplier of a capacitive fuel level sensor, which was quoted around £530. Does anyone know of any other suUK ppliers that will supply a quantity of 1?

I have a few questions about the reed switch operation in automotive/motorsport applications:
1. If i am to place 4 switches in a line, 100%,75%,50% and 25%, how likely is it that this will be suitable due to sloshing of fuel? If anyone can point in the direction of an example/project for guidance, as I can only find two.
2. Would say taking a running average over 5 seconds to display to the LEDS representing the level be appropriate to cut out enough error??

If anyone has any past experience or knowledge with a similar project that would be great help. Sorry for the help required not being explicitly arduino related but again any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hope you all had a good christmas.

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I was looking too for a solution for this  smiley

I want to know how many liter was in the tank, the "good" sensor was very expensive so i found a very good solution (very chip and near to the reality  smiley-wink )  i use one of this

I messaure the tank and with mathimatics i found the liters was available  smiley-wink

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