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What else i should think about?
We talked about motors, props, weight, esc and battery.

Next step is to talk about the Transmitter/Receiver, the main circuit which will communicate with the Tx/Rx
will have the options to control the ESC/Motors and the balancing code.

One option is to build everything by yourself, another way is to buy everything.
To be or not to be? Read a book and you will see.


You might want to check out some of the Open Source DIY drone projects for ideas/info.

I built my quad copter using the AeroQuad Shield V2.2 with an Arduino Mega 2560.



Aug 18, 2016, 01:18 am Last Edit: Aug 18, 2016, 01:20 am by Domino60
It's good to use ready made shields but it's better to build your own homemade circuits
to do exact tasks, (personally I hate shields, making a circuit sandwich) :D

This is a photo of my personal Airplane drone circuit, this circuit is the ground control Transmitter,
double side.
To be or not to be? Read a book and you will see.


Hey. I received my motors, propellers, ESC's, battery, charger.
I played with the motors a little and I managed to controll them and create a function to change the speed. So everything is great.
About the remote, I'm going to use a RF transmitter and receiver to send commands. I think it is going to be easy.

About the balancing system. How to create that?
I was thinking to use a gyroscope. When the drone is tilting in a way without permission, the gyroscop will send a signal to motors to increase the speed where needed.
Not sure if this is a great idea.

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