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Can i really connect this one direct to Arduino output without additional circuitry needed for using 70 Watt 230VAC waterpump ?


Seems to be very affordable   $)
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It should work fine without any additonal circuitry.   

Motors are inductive, so I'd kind-of like to see if it's rated for inductive loads...   But, at 75W you'll be using less than one amp so you have quite a bit of safety margin.

The price is lower than usual, so it's probably surplus or removed from equipment (used).


Thank you, i'll give them a try.

btw "brand new and high quality"  8)
My software has no bugs, only random features.


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That SSR is of the zero crossing type, so it may not work properly with an inductive load such as your pump. You should preferably use a random-fire SSR or a power opto triac. See http://www.crydom.com/en/Tech/Newsletters/Solid%20Statements%20-%20SSRs%20switching%20types.pdf.

PS - I suggest you look for an SSR with a lower current rating too, say 1A rather than 25A. The leakage current of a 25A SSR may be rather high, also there is a risk that the small current drawn by your pump may not be enough to keep a 25A SSR turned on.
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